A Holistic Approach to Painting

Watson Guptill Publications    
144 pages. 7 1/2" x 9 3/4" with 200 color illustrations.

First Edition, Flexiback binding. Copies available here.
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If you have always wanted to try watercolor but been afraid to, or have tried it and become discouraged, take heart. "WATERCOLOR: A New Beginning" will dispel your fears and help you experience painting as an enjoyable and magical part of your life.   

The perfect choice for newcomers to the medium, this primer takes a refreshingly free approach to watercolor painting, letting readers explore at their own pace.

This book speaks to people who love watercolor painting, but find attempting to do it so discouraging that they've given up - or never even tried. By not stressing the technical aspects of the medium, the author guides beginners in learning the language of color and imagery in their own way, while exploring the possibilities inherent to this lively, capricious medium.

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