the new beginning workshops

"Without hesitation, this class has surpassed any expectations I had before coming! Ann has a gift to make you feel secure and empowered to try something you've never done before.  I can't wait to take another class from her."    Ellen

"An awesome beginning class for me! I learned so much. Ann has a relaxed, loving approach and her language for teaching is easily understood. She provides a safe sanctuary."    Sue 

"I got so much out of this class. Ann was so helpful in not only describing techniques but patiently showing them at length. I also felt very supportive of my creative process and learned to quiet my left brain critic. I've taken many watercolor classes and still learned such basic things I'd never learned before. I'll be back! "   Christine

"I loved your workshop and even more-I completely loved you! You are funny, accepting, safe an environment to reduce self-judgment and comparisons. I opened up! I felt like taking a risk and going for it. My inner child is so happy!"    Judith

"I just loved the whole experience and this is my 4th time working with Ann. I will be back for sure! Perfect!"      Stephanie

"As always, Ann's Kindness, generosity and open mind make it possible for me to withhold judgment. Her classes renew me in many ways beyond art and spill over into my life."   Norma

"This was the perfect workshop for me. In the 2 1/2 years I've been painting I never had a succinct and clear explanation of color using the 3 primaries, understanding how to create all the other colors, the pigments-this was exactly what I needed." 

"Every experience in Ann's workshop reinforces the important life skills of non-judgment, jumping into the unknown and enjoying the journey-as well as reminding me of technical skills that can be learned and practiced. Ann renews my enthusiasm."     Norma

"Ann's support and encouragement were key to my enjoyment, otherwise I would have been frustrated. I had fun, and that was my intention. I appreciated Ann's humor and creative approach to painting."    Lorraine.

"I appreciate Ann's gentle approach to teaching. And I especially appreciate being able to bring her my painting and say "I don't like this" and her helping me see options. Every day with Ann is a gift."      Helen